Every last full Wednesday of the month is our Lunches of Love Outreach (LOLO).  We began with 100 sack lunches and are now up to distributing 250.  We drop some off at other local shelters like The Refuge of Hope, American Rescue Workers, and the YWCA, all shelters in the Canton Area.  After we drop those lunches off, with our team of volunteers, we hit the streets and pass them out to individuals in need.  We focus on areas of town that have a high population of homeless, but it is not a pre-requisite to receive a sack lunch.  If you are hungry and want a sack lunch, we give you one.

Each Lunch is a brown sack lunch.  It currently includes a freshly sliced ham or turkey sandwich (sliced personally by our CEO at the Blue Fig restaurant), (the Bread is donated by Agape Bread ministries out of Hartville, Ohio).  An individual bag of chips, A package of fruit snacks and a bottle of water.  We are always happy to accept donations of water, Snack crackers (peanut butter crackers, cheese crackers, etc etc) individual bags of chips, fruit snacks, or any other individually sealed snack,  the brown paper bags and ziploc bags for the sandwich.  We prefer using Ziploc bags over the cheaper sandwich bags because Ziploc bags are a commodity to the homeless population.  They keep valuables and items they need protected from the rain, snow etc, etc.  We also accept individual sized personal hygiene products for distribution on an as needed basis.  Volunteers are also welcome to help us carry the boxes of sack lunches into the shelters and/or hit the streets with us.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us and get involved!