Anchor Bucks

Anchor Bucks are available at some area merchants and churches. Anchor bucks can only be redeemed through Anchor house and are used to purchase items from our on-line catalog, catered to the specific needs of the homeless.

Anchor Bucks offer a safer alternative to giving cash to individuals claiming homelessness or pan-handling. Contact us for a list of area businesses that have Anchor Bucks available, Or purchase them directly from Anchor House.We are also happy to accept donations of food clothing and time. Another simple way to donate is simply ‘LIKE’ us on Facebook and ‘SHARE’ us so that our visibility grows, increasing our opportunity for donations
* As donations are received, the Anchor House will distribute Anchor Bucks to those in need free of charge.

**Individuals order from ANCHOR HOUSE via computers on site at the Anchor House. They then use Anchor Bucks to pay for their purchases. The Anchor House fills the order at local merchants using cash, and the individuals pick up their order from the Anchor House.