The Anchor House prides itself in not being an enabler, rather, being the means to new beginnings. We offer food, and numerous resources (through partnerships) to help people who are going through a bad time turn their life back around and get back on track. (BOUNCE BACK) Donate any amount to the Anchor house, from $1.00 to $1,000,000. Every dollar donated goes to providing services to the homeless through food, shelter, and all other services offered through Anchor House. If you know an individual receiving Anchor House services, your donation can be specified to further that individuals needs exclusively. Other wise funds are directed for general care. You may request an equal or lesser amount of Anchor Bucks so that you can personally distribute them to individuals in need. Churches are encouraged to contact Anchor House for Anchor Bucks so that they may distribute them in their own homeless outreach ministries.








Bounce Back T-shirts $20

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