Budd Kuyper CEO/Founder/Board Member

Our CEO/Founder Budd Kuyper is a caring and compassionate man. His troubled past has caused him to have times of homelessness and despair. These situations however are what led him to the vision he has today. His dream is to help end the troubles of others who are in less than desirable scenarios in life by offering essentials that everyone needs like food, clothing, and a place to rest their weary heads. He uses his background in Management and corporate training to give advice that might give someone the hope and drive they need to change their lives. He is a man who loves the Lord and would give the shirt off his back to someone in more need for it. With the help of the community and his fellow founders he hopes to change the lives of as many people as possible and END homelessness.


Heath Gindlesperger Founder/Director of Operations/Board Member

Heath is a native Ohioan. He is a dedicated husband and father of four. He has been in sales and management for his entire career along with acquiring his Associates Degree in Business Management from Stark State College.  He has aspirations of doing great things for the community and the world.  He has a philosophy that you get out of life what you put into it.  His goal is to change the lives of as many people as he can while living the life God has given him.  He has always been the first person to go out of his way for his fellow man during their time in need and he will surely bring positivity and knowledge to the organization that will help it grow to staggering heights.

Daimon Gambles Headshot

Daimon Gamble Founder/Director of Research & Development/Board Member

Daimon Gamble is a native of Kingstree, SC who relocated to Myrtle Beach, SC in 2011, after having his youngest daughter. With a heart that can always find room for one more person, Daimon is known for his ability to bring people together, and being the backbone of his TEAM (friends) and his family. When he isnt spending time with family and friends he is finding a way to help a stranger. Daimon is the true meaning of lifesaver to some and a teacher to his children. He passes down his objectives in life  to always be there for others no matter what you may be going through. Hopefully Daimons lessons of how to always keep your heart open will pass down from one heart to another. Daimon’s motto, “It takes a TEAM!”